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Between us
 I think that most people who have ever been in a relationship that
ended could probably come up with a hundred reasons why. Most of them
fall into the Between Us category.
Too manys, not enoughs, too littles, too lates, make up the Between
Us's. Really small things that add up over time to create this huge
space between us.


This was a dream. I dreamed I walked out my kitchen door and there
was a naked Mexican woman in my driveway pointing at the sky. When I
looked up, there was an airplane falling, and it crashed in my neighbor's
yard across the street. The woman told me that she thought that things
would be better in NuVarres. I agreed and woke up. I have never been
able to find NuVarres on any map, and have never been able to get there
in a dream, so I created my own.


Queen Size Wall
Ever notice how big a bed can get when you're fighting? There can be
miles and years and all the space in the world in between, all the the
things you should have said or done, and all the things you ever did,
even the ones you don't remember. They all fit in about two feet of bed,
and it's pretty cold there.


Can't Believe My Eyes
Written with Gary Ashton, I remember seeing an old girlfriend with her
new boyfriend and being amazed at how happy she looked with the guy. I
was surprised, she never looked that happy with me.


Nine Years Alone
 I wrote this song for my son's tenth birthday. He's been growing up in
a split family, and managed pretty well. I wanted to let him know that I
try to see everything about him, and that every morning with him is
important, and that I'm sorry for all the grown up stuff his mom and I
put him through. Kind of a lesson to myself in that I'll never be fooled
into thinking that kids don't worry like us. They do. They act and
survive, just like us. I love this kid.


The Tree
 I was asked to write a song for a project to support Julia Butterfly,
the girl in the tree out west. Let's say you lived in the same house
your whole life and there was tree that had been there forever.
If you cut that tree down you could trace your way backwards  with the
rings through everything that ever happened to you. The question is
would you want to? Some memories are better left alone.


She Don't Care
 This song has caused alot of trouble in that every mother in the state
of Florida thinks it's about her daughter. No one girl really, just a
big bunch of them.


The Move
 This was a true story, a  sequel to a song I wrote a few years ago
called Come On Back. It's about a friend of mine and his wife that moved
from Kentucky to Florida and back trying to find a happy place to live.
They never found it. They aren't together now. Can you ever really find
a place like that?


There's You
 Written for a friend of mine whose husband had just left her. Kind of
from his point of view. You ever look at the ceiling at night when all
the lights are out and see faces. It's like this big picture screen, and
it can go on for hours, eventually you fall asleep.


Our House
Just a little glimpse into a new family. Kids having kids, and joining
the rest of the world. Putting aside dreams for jobs and houses and
cable T.V.


Ramses and Nefertiti
This song was based on a dream I had. I was walking along the Nile
River looking out across the Giza plateau. There were date palms and
stars and everything was in blue. There were two statues sitting on the
river and they were pointing at the pyramids. They saw me and started
to talk in some ancient language and then they laughed. She was
beautiful and he was shiny black stone. Then they started dancing under
the moon. It was a wonderful dream.
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