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Dave Hardin is one of those rare talents that seems to surface every ten years or so in a category that requires not only the ability to write great songs and inspired lyrics but a voice that is instantly recognizable. Dave meets all these requirements and more.
A native of Warsaw Kentucky, Dave now lives in Palm Harbor, Florida where twice he has been recognized by Tampa Bay's Weekly Planet as the Bay area's Best Singer/Songwriter and also awarded the Best CD of 2000

Since Dave's manager and drummer, Gary Ashton, has moved to Nashville things have moved to the next level. Some of the major names in the music business have now begun to take more than a passing interest in Dave's work. There is now the possibility of Dave writing for some of the most respected and successful country stars in Nashville after the Nine Years Alone CD reached a number of influential people. Keep checking back for the latest news or sign up for the news letter.

Dave's name is now very familiar with three of the major music publishers in Nashville. Also the CD has been personally introduced by Gary Ashton to a couple of Senior Vice Presidents and Presidents at some of the biggest record lables in Nashville and the response has been more than positive. Keep checking back for the latest developments! 

Plans for a European tour are now in the pipeline thanks to a wonderful review by John Lonergan at Revolutions UK and an apperance on British radio in a live broadcast after the CMA awards in October 2000 with Rob Reynolds of the Mavericks and Swag.

“Dave has a beautiful voice and is truly a very talented songwrite. I'm looking forward to writing again with Dave” 
                   Robert Reynolds, The Mavericks 

“Dave is the real thing. He should move to Nashville as soon as possible where they should welcome his talent with open arms.” 
                  Phil Palmer, Session guitarist and producer for Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, George Michael, etc…. 

“I really liked this CD. You can definitely use my name to promote Dave.” 
                 Steve Ferrone, Session drummer with Tom Petty, Eric Clapton, etc…. 

“Dave has independently released an album that surpasses most anything you’ll hear from more established singer/songwriters…” 
                  Eric Snider, Tampa Bay’s Weekly Planet 

“…he is a tremendous talent that definitely needs to be seen by as many people as possible.” 
                  Patti Petow, The Octagon, Clearwater, Florida 

“It's one of the privileges of writing for Revolutions that every so often a release like this pops through the letterbox. Dave Hardin can expect the attention of major labels once word of this self released CD gets out.” 
                  John Lonergan, Revolutions UK 

“Hardin knows how to craft a song and others recognize that…Nine Years Alone is top-quality folk and roots rock with awesome arrangements.  Hardin’s sandpapery voice and nuanced, charming delivery in a Kentucky drawl make [his songs] beautiful.” 
                  Gina Vivinetto, St. Petersburg Times 

“His voice is striking – craggy and weathered, just right for the lyrical scenarios of small towns, lonely highways, and rural routes…his songs have an earthy elegance that warms the soul.” 
(*** out of ****) Curtis Ross, Tampa Tribune 

“His voice, like his songs, resonates deeply…[he] caresses and attacks the strings with a verve and panache… Hardin is the complete package, well worth your time and entertainment dollar.” 
                    Mark Warren, Focus 

“Hardin’s Nine Years Alone is a refreshing effort that about 99 percent of today’s “young country” acts would do well to review.” 
(**** out of *****) Mark Murley, Higher and Higher 

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Dave Hardin Reviewed

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Dave and Robert Reynolds of The Mavericks and Swag

Dave is currently looking for sponsorship from Malboro!

Scotty Huff and Robert Reynolds (see the Mav fan site and UK fan site) of The Mavericks liked the CD so much they have invited Dave to Nashville to write together! In fact Dave visited with Rob (who also was until recently married to the voice of Nashville Trisha Yearwood) in Nashville to co-write and generally explore the benefits of relocating to Nashville.

Robert has also opened a few doors for Dave in the Nashville music scene and as a result Billy Block, who has his own show on CMT, has taken an interest in Dave and his career and plans to have Dave perform at the Exit/Inn in March 2001.

From left to right: Gary Ashton, Robert Reynolds and Dave Hardin. Rob wearing his usual casual about the pool gear! (Click on photos for larger image) Robert plays along as Dave plays him some new material at Rob's house

Recently two "local" venues that play host to touring national acts have recognized Dave's ability to open for some of the best known acts today.
Bob Rossi of Ruth Eckerd Hall has Dave's name listed as, ready to play, for any act needing an opening artist. Opening for Willie Nelson was just the start.

After seeing Dave play, Patti Petow of The Octagon said,
"Dave will definitely be playing at the Octagon this year.... he is a tremendous talent that definitely needs to be seen by as many people as possible."
In fact Dave opened for Kim Richey at the Octagon November 18th.

E-mail: Gary Ashton
Vibe Music Management
for more information on booking etc.

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